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Our Story

We are a boutique real estate consultancy in Toronto, where we proudly represent global clients across Canada. With a legacy dating back to 1877, we are part of the real estate Canadian Family Tradition, and we bring that rich heritage to our modern and forward-thinking approach to the industry.


We adopt a holistic methodology that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of the industry. We are more than just advisors; we are your strategic partners, committed to transforming spaces, building great cultures and enhancing your business performance through technology led innovation.

Our Values


We believe in open and honest communication. You can trust us to provide you with complete transparency at every step of your real estate journey.


We are committed to excellence​ and results driven practices.We​ listen first and work to ​ ensure 100% client satisfaction in every​ moment and with everything we do.​


We believe in creating long-lasting ​ solutions that benefit the environment​ our clients are embedded in, their people ​ and their community


We stand for authentic business practices that prioritize honest communication, ethical transactions, and a genuine commitment to client success.


We foster fresh ideas, incorporate critical thinking and explore technology-led, novel approaches to our clients needs.

Modern City
Global Corporate Real Estate

Everything Corporate Real Estate,

Anywhere in the World

Connecting our clients with the power of the worldwide real estate market, and all the opportunities it has to offer.

Our Insights

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