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Giving Back to Our Community - Acquisition of a Summer Camp for a Special Cause

During a pivotal phase marked by the emergence of residential school truths and reconciliation, our team was approached with a unique opportunity: assisting in the acquisition of a summer camp for a special cause. The camp was to be established to provide a safe environment for indigenous children with trained camp counsellors. Staff at the camp are fully trained and carefully chosen to act as positive role models for the campers. At the camp, children are supported to learn a variety of cultural, recreational and leadership skills, as they build confidence and make new friends.

We recognized the opportunity to give back to our community in Ontario and support with the acquisition of the site. Focusing on locations within a 3 to 4-hour drive from Toronto, we identified a hidden gem — an old fishing camp that was not on the market for sale. This picturesque property, included a main cabin, a rec hall, and 12 cabins surrounded by vast wilderness nestled in thousands of acres of crown land.

Our commitment to community welfare led us to undertake this project and at no cost to our client. To ensure suitability, our founder Matt D’Orsay, accompanied by the most discerning evaluator for the camp, his nine-year-old son John. They jointly assessed the camp's potential for providing a comfortable and engaging environment for youth. The camp, boasted not only beautiful shorelines but also infrastructure ready for use, including large restroom facilities, expansive docks and boating access and onsite amenities, equipment to ensure the ongoing operations of the camp. Beyond the deal itself, our involvement extended to the holistic development of a space where children can enjoy outdoor activities and wilderness exploration.


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